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100-greatCC   100 Greatest Cycling Climbs
C2CPACK   2015 C2C Guide, Map + Shirt.
c2c-b-mhadmap   2015 Coast to Coast book plus C2C Map plus Hadrian's Cycleway Map
c2c-shirt1   C2C Cycling Shirt
C2C20   C2C Guide Book - 20th 2015/16 Edition
C2CMAP   C2C Route Map
candc-map   Coast and Castles
C2Cmap3   Coast to Coast 2015 Plus 3 Maps
hadr-map   Hadrian's Cycleway Map
c2c-shirt-mono   Monogrammed C2C Cycle Shirt
PTDM-GB   Petit Tour De Manche Guide Book - Sale Price
rev-map   Reivers Route Map

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